Birding around Carita


Sunda Scop owl

A small patch of degraded forest that is surprisingly good for some of the lowland forest Javan endemics.

Key bird species:

Javan Barred Owlet; Brown Boobook; Javan Frogmouth; Banded Kingfisher; Lineated Barbet; Black-banded Barbet; Banded Pitta; Javan Cuckoo-shrike; Fulvous-chested Jungle Flycatcher; White-breasted Babbler; Grey-cheeked Tit Babbler; Crimson Sunbird; Javan Sunbird


Birdwatching locations:

Carita is the name of a small patch of protected forest on the western end of Java. The forest is pretty degraded, but remains one of the most easily accessible places to see a number of Javan lowland forest endemics.

From the coast road between Anyer and Labuan, a small side road heads east towards a range of easily visible forested hills near the village of Sukarame. After about 200m the road enters a mature tree plantation and then rises further to a small car park (by taking the left fork within the forest). From here the main trails head north-east towards a distant waterfall, and smaller trails radiate from the car park in all directions.

For the best day time birding take the main trail, or any side trails that look like they go towards nice looking habitat. None of the habitat is pristine here, so you are in the right place! Barbets are regularly seen and heard along the first few hunded metres of the waterfall trail as it follows the side of a steep valley. Banded Pitta can be seen and heard almost anywhere here, including in very degraded areas and the plantations. Banded Kingfisher is most often recorded in the big trees near the start of the waterfall trail (where it changes from a car track to a footpath). White-breasted Babbler is most often see along the trail to the waterfall in areas of dense forest.

By night Carita is a lot of fun. The first section of the track from the forest edge to the car park is great for Javan Frogmouth, and the area around the car park is good for Javan Barred Owlet. Try taking the small footpath heading uphill from the carpark just to the south of the main track. Javan Barred Owlet are regular along this trail and can even be seen by day. Colugo and Leopard Cat are also regularly seen here.