News about: Anak Krakatau Volcano Activity updates (Indonesia>Sunda Strait, Banten)

Monday, May 20th 2013

Today we visited on Child of Krakatoa, we observed Child of Krakatoa ejected ash eruption on the South West of the island (next to summit crater) and gassing a lot from the summit crater.

Friday Sept 27 2012

Recent visit on Anak Krakatoa after massive eruption on Sept 2-3 2012 we saw scoria rock surrounding under ground anak krakatoa and huge scoria ejected from summit crater of anak krakatoa

Sunday Sept 2, 2012

A new phase of activity of Anak Krakatoa has started. A massive eruption occured early today, produced ash plume and ash fall reached Sumatera (Lampung province ), reaching approx 90 eruptions per day. Anak Krakatoa spewed red hot lava up to 300 M above its peak and more than 100 volcanic quakes

Monday July 9, 2012

When we arrived at Krakatau (Anak Krakatau) we observed that Anak Krakatau was still venting smoke and gasses from summit crater.

Saturday 2, June 2012

Today we visited on Anak Krakatoa, the weather was good and upon arrival there we saw Anak Krakatoa back to normal level. Just venting smoke from summit crater.

Thursday April 12, 2012

After earthquake in Aceh on April 11, 2012 we visited on Anak Krakatau and we saw that Anak Krakatau produced ash eruption reaching 100 - 500 meter height, no explosion


Sunday April 08, 2012

Today we were visiting krakatau that activities of Anak Krakatau keep going on steaming or gassing emissions reaching 100-500 meter height and no explosion.