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Surf Tour - Adventure
Easy - Moderate
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Boat Trips - Stay an overnight at ecolodge or tent
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For those who like surfing at Panaitan island,  it is one of the best surfing area in the world, and also  one the most exciting safaris you will be getting experience. It is located in the part of Ujung Kulon National Park (world heritage site). It has a beautiful tropical island and  rich wild lifeas well  great waves and clear blue water will take you far away from hustle and bustle of everything, A perfects destination for groups of surfer in search of waves far away from the madding crowds. Panaitan island, or Pulau Panaitan, is a large and clawshaped island-nature reserve that sits by itself in open seas about 10 kilometers northwest of the Ujung Kulon National Park and just off the southwest tip of West Java. Panaitan is a bonafide no-man's island, except for a few Indonesian forest rangers who patrol its shorelines and isolate its population of wild deer, tigers, panters, snakes and numerous other forms of rare and endangered wildlife. Beyond thin strips of beach the island is home to very dense forest and thick primary jungles alive with many dangerous animals of the meat-eating variety. Hepatitis,malaria, jagged coral reefs, rocky cliffs and, yes, even well-developed sharks, are other factors which could make this island interesting in the wrong way. Be prepared with plenty of food, water, survival gear and whatever else you might need when you head for this place because Panaitan Island is one of Remote  places where there no is literally among you and  a hundred of miles of mainland.

The Surf points

Napalm             A less intense left hand break that also throw out great barrel
One Palm         A long hollow left hand point that spin train like barrel up to 700m long
Illusion             World class epic right reef  with a smooth take off, workable walls and barrel section
Apocalypse      Indonesia's backdoor pipe, a top to bottom right hand barrel
Pussy              An easy  with fun workable walls breaking into deep water

The Itinerary

The tour can start directly from Jakarta to Ujung Kulon in the same day or you can stay an overnight at Carita hotel before  going to Panaitan Island of Ujung Kulon in the next morning.